Saturday, 6 December 2008

Farvel Henning

May you be at peace.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Buy nothing day

Friday, 14 November 2008

Bring on the cold!

I'm tough, I can take it!

Especially since I have just finished making some awesome fingerless gloves.

A black wooly jumper of mine decided to fall apart the other day. I guess it was just it's time. It had belonged to my husband before me and had many holes and little rips in before I got my hands on it. So I hacked it to pieces and whipped up these little beauties using the sleeves.

I got the idea from this post over on craftster, but now I'm trying to work out what to do with the rest of the jumper. Maybe a hat to match perhaps?

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ooooh Fun!

I just found a groovy little open source program that now has me addicted. It's called SweetHome3D and it's basically a little java package that lets you create and decorate rooms or entire homes.

I know there are comercial programs that have better graphics and a broader choice of colours and textures, but this is fine as a starting point. The controls take a little getting used to but once you do you'll find it pretty easy to come up with something quite quickly.

I'm guessing it has many practical uses. Lets say you're bored with your current living room plan and you want to shift things about a bit but dont want to move it all if it's going to look crap. This program lets you put in exact dimensions of things, so you can see how it looks before you start on the back-breaking sofa relocations.

Or if you're like me, you can just use it to create dream rooms. I've been mucking about with some ideas for a craft space. It's not something we could have in this little apartment, but one day soon my husband and I are hoping to get a house in the countryside somewhere. So I can dream :P

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The calm before the test.

I'm a bit busy at the moment. Busy and a little nervous.

I'm reading madly for my spoken danish test on Friday. If I pass, I will official be about half way through the modules I need to complete in order to apply for my permanent residency here.

The books I am reading are very simply written but have adult themes. For instance the one I have just finished has a stabbing, and this one I'm on now has a guy driving his car straight through a red light and into a truck. I'm guessing they didn't want us getting bored with the content and just giving up. Unfortunately this hasn't helped at all and I have found my mind wandering often. I know I should have read them well before now but they were just to dull and there were more interesting things for me to procrastinate with. So I did.

Anyway, I thought I would chance a quick break and come to the laptop to do something that always makes me feel better and helps me re-focus: Look at something purple.

A quick google image search uncovered a picture that not only has a lovely shade of purple in, but also depicts one of my favourite flowers, the passionflower. I love them cause they look like something from Day of The Triffids.

Monday, 3 November 2008

The Bungy Door Handle Spider Of DOOM!

I got a bit crafty today and decided to make a toy for Kalimah. I threw it together with pieces of an old skirt I dont wear anymore so it was an ultra-cheap alternative to buying something similar at the pet store.

The cord has some plaited rubber bands in it for that bouncy effect and inside there is a little container filled with rice that I made from some old toilet rolls, so it rattles a bit when she plays with it but not so loud as to be annoying.

Action Shots!

"Whats this thing?"

"Maybe if I just grab it here...."

"OH NOES...RECOIL ENGAGED!!!111!!!!1!"

"I shall nom you for your insolence!"

"Blargle...I am dead. Bungy Door Handle Spider Of Doom WINS."

Thursday, 30 October 2008


I just did a search over on Etsy for purple fabrics, just to look at all the pretties people had for sale, and found some awesome ones. Some of them are almost artworks in themselves.

A (ahem) small selection of the ones I loved:


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Doyle and Adam come to stay......Bloody Tourists!

Just a little slideshow to commemorate the last few days.

Having aussie friends visit rules. We dragged them out sight seeing to KaløVig Slotsruin and to Poskær Stenhus. We also ate too much and drank too much. It was fantastic!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Samhain decorating.

In between cleaning today, in preparation for some lovely Aussie house guests, I got a little creative and decided to decorate for Samhain (or Halloween if you prefer to call it that) as well.

It started with some tea-light jars based on this post at Skip To My Lou, but I didn't have all the materials for that so I went simpler and just wrapped some orange paper round some jars and glued it on. Then I cut out some black eyes and mouths and stuck those on and finished off with a spikey "hairstyle". Stick a tealight inside and hey-presto: Pumpkin Head Glow Jars!

After that I went a bit Samhain crazy.

This crazy might have included a trip to the supermarket down the road, where they might have had a huge cardboard box, that might have been filled with big carvable pumpkins.

Ok. All of this actually happened.

This being my first pumpkin carving escapade meant I went a little easy on the big artistic gestures and when for simple and classic:

But one cant stop there. Oh no!

There must be cardboard spiders stuck to the walls:

And, one must create bunting.


I quite liked cutting out all those little bats and pumpkins and making their little faces. Each one all had their own little personalities. Like that guy ^ in the middle there, his name was Henrik and he had a lazy eye caused by the stress of his heavy workload at the dental floss factory.

(**Disclaimer: The above sentance may elicit a brief outburst from my brother-in-law, Nic. That outburst may include the words "Electro-Shock Therapy!"**)

Now the flat is cosy and clean and full of Samhain-y goodness. I think I will be sad after the 31st when I will have to take it all down.

Also I have decided that my pumpkin's name is not Jack.

It's Thurston.

Bird and vine. (Moleskine page in progress)

Man, I wish I had a fladbed scanner....these images would be so much nicer.

Monday, 13 October 2008

"Untitled" - a birthday gift

I painted this for my Father-in-law's birthday.

Acrylics on canvas.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Happening

I just watched the M. Night Shyamalan film "The Happening."

I'm sorry M, I've been fairly happy with all your other films, but on this one I have one thing to say to you:

I want my 91 minutes back.

Now, I'm a self-professed crappy disaster film fanatic. Especially the ones where mother nature opens up a can of whip ass and destroys all that mankind holds dear.

For instance, take "The Core" (which - and I dont care what kind of flack I will get from this - is one of my favourite crappy disaster films all of the history of time. It could have only have been made more awesome if Jimmy Stewart was in it.....anywhere)

Now theres a disaster film. I mean there are at least 10 major landmarks across the world that get royally twatted. And with at best slightly believeable FX that lead to at least one moment of the viewer going "tee heee heeeeee".

But "The Happening"??

The storyline starts off being marginally palatable, especially if you have seen any of Shyamalan's other films. All the way through you are waiting for that twist. You know, like where Bruce Willis is really dead in "The Sixth Sense", or in "Unbreakable" at that moment that you, along with the hero, David Dunn, discover that those horrible disasters where all the work of Elijah. Or in "Signs" when you finally see that Graham's dying wife's last words were actually prophetic instructions on how to survive the alien attack.

But "The Happening" totally fails in all attempts at plot twists. The late reference to the timing of "the event" might make one think that the whole thing was just about finally getting Marky Mark and his funky bunch (Zooey Deschanel and the cute kid that's taging along) to realise that they need to be together and love each other whole heartedly. But then the final scenes destroy that by seeing the whole process start again in french.

So what the hell was this movie about?!?! Yes, we know we're fucking up the planet. We know you have insinuated that the plants are going to kill us all because we're threatening them. We know that there are problems between the main characters. But holy hell make me feel something about all of it at the end!!! I mean 91 minutes of Mark Whalberg's acting has to be worth some little adrenalin jolt doesnt it??? Maybe at least make my eyelid twitch or something with the blood and guts.

But nope.

For me the best thing about this whole thing was the giggle I got every time Mark Whalberg spoke and I was reminded of this:

LOL. "Hey chicken, how's it hanging? Lot of people wanna eat you but I just wanna talk to you okay?"

Anyway enough of me bitching about it. I watched it with the kitten, lets see if she has her own review:

I think we'll call that case closed.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song by First Ait Kit

This song, "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song", is performed by two teenagers (15 and 17) from Sweden, who go by the name of First Aid Kit. Apparently it is a cover of a tune by a band called The Fleet Foxes. I had never heard of either of these groups, but yet again Zefrank came through with his "Collection of amazing music you may have missed" feed on BuzzFeed.

I'm now addicted to both of these groups, especially these young Swedes. There is something so pure about those they were made to do just that: Sit in a forest with a guitar and sing to the world.


Saturday, 13 September 2008


2 days work with my graphics tab and Corel Painter X

(^Click for bigness^)

Thursday, 11 September 2008



I was just blown away by this video on youtube:

The artist is Melissa Findley and her work can be found on her page.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Been drawing all afternoon. Started and couldn't stop. Now my hand hurts.

Yesterday I got bored and thought it might be fun to start a role playing card game on the forum where my husband and I post. The basic premise being that anything and everything is possible so long as every post/move by any character is done using photoshopped/hand drawn game cards (like in Magic: The Gathering.)

So far the thread has died a slow and painful death, but it did inspire me to create this character. Her name is Aesri. Dont know why, I just like the sound of it.

(^Click for bigness^)

And here's the silly card I came up with for her:

(^again clicky for big^)

So, yeah, I never said I would take the game seriously :P

Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Furry Bubble/Madness Hampster

Our kitten Kalimah has many nicknames and moods. More often than not she is in naughty mode and trying to attack the furniture and random things that only she sees.

She also spends a lot of time meowing for attention and pats and sleeping on laps.

She is also now a youtube star.

No sound on it I'm afraid, cause my camera isn't that advanced.

Danish pop songs make me giggle and learn

My husband and I have been enjoying this song very much lately. It's a Danish pop song by Sys Bjerre called "Malene".

I like it for 2 reasons. The first is that it's the first danish song where I have understood a lot of the words and secondly I think the lyrics are hilarious

Here's the lyrics all translated for you

Du var lidt fuld en dag,
(You were a bit drunk one day)
du så på mig og sa'e,
(You saw me and said)
det skulle vær' dig og mig for altid
(It should be you and I for always)
Jeg tog din hånd og vi
(I took your hand and we)
var nærmest lykkelig'
(Were nearly happy)
sommerkærlighed på halv tid
(summer love on part time)
Men nu,
(but now)
sidder jeg her helt alene,
(I sit here all alone)
for du,
(cause you)
er i Marienlyst med Malene.
(are in Marienlyst with Malene)

Og din lejlighed er lidt brændt ned,
(And your apartment is a little burnt down)
din fiat er solg til skrot
(Your Fiat sold for scrap)
Dit tøj er spredt ud over Vesterbro,
(Your clothes are scattered all over Vesterbro)
men din kat den har det godt
(But your cat is fine)
Og din x-box er måske lidt våd
(And your x-box might be a little wet)
og står et sted på Enghavevej
(and is standing somewhere on Enghavevej)
Hva' så? er vi så enige om at det
(So what about it? Can we now agree)
var sidste gang du fucked' med mig
(This was the last time you fucked with me)

Nu kommer du og vil,
(Now you come and want to)
forsøge en gang til
(Try again another time)
og lover guld og grønne skove
(And promise gold and green forests)
Og hend' Malene var
(And her Malene was)
bar' en veninde der
(Just a friend who)
mangled' et sted at sove
(Needed a place to sleep)
Men nej nu' det din tur til at være alene
(But no, now it's your turn to be alone)
for jeg ved da godt at du har knaldet Malene
(Because of course I know you fucked Malene)

Og din lejlighed er lidt brændt ned,
(And your apartment is a little burnt down)
din fiat er solg til skrot
(Your Fiat sold for scrap)
Dit tøj er spredt ud over Vesterbro,
(Your clothes are scattered all over Vesterbro)
men din kat den har det godt
(But your cat is fine)
Og din x-box er måske lidt våd
(And your x-box might be a little wet)
og står et sted på Enghavevej
(and is standing somewhere on Enghavevej)
Hva' så? er vi så enige om at det
(So what about it? Can we now agree)
var sidste gang du fucked' med mig
(This was the last time you fucked with me)

Det er sidste gang jeg er til grin for dig
(It's the last time I will be made a laughing stock by you)
jeg sku' ha' vidst du var et svin
(I should have known you were a pig)

Og det billeder som jeg tog af den
(And the pictures that I took of it)
er på internettet nu
(Are on the internet now)
og hvis du googler 'funny dick'
(And if you google 'funny dick')
kan du se den på Yahoo
(You can see it on Yahoo)

Og din lejlighed er lidt brændt ned,
(And your apartment is a little burnt down)
din fiat er solg til skrot
(Your Fiat sold for scrap)
Dit tøj er spredt ud over Vesterbro,
(Your clothes are scattered all over Vesterbro)
men din kat den har det godt
(But your cat is fine)
Og visne blomster og rådne ting
(And dead flowers and rotten things)
er på vej med posten til dig
(are on the way in the mail for you)
Hva' så? Er vi så enige om at det
(So what about it? Can we now agree)
Hva' så? Er vi så enige om at det
(So what about it? Can we now agree)
Hva' så? Er vi så enige om at det
(So what about it? Can we now agree)
er sidste gang du fucker med mig
(This was the last time you fucked with me)

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Painting Forests

A few weeks ago my in laws came to visit for an afternoon of lunching and walking and visiting and chatting. While they were here my father-in-law professed admiration for a painting I had made years ago called "Witches". It's a small canvass that is very, very colourful.

I decided to give the painting to him as a gift and he insisted on giving me some money to at least get a new canvass to replace it.

A trip into town yeilded 4 new canvasses for the money he gave me and so now I have to come up with something to fill them all with. Two of them are long and narrow (30cm x 90cm) and I want to make one painting out of know with a split up the middle so it's all arty and groovy and has lattes for brunch while wearing a beret.

I've been thinking and thinking about what I want to paint and I keep comming back to the idea of some sort of dark forest scene with intertwined roots and vines and a path that leads to who-knows-where. Think of Mirkwood from The Hobbit. The kind of place that could have giant, talking homicidal spiders and Woodelves that will lure you to an uncertain future as a prisioner in a dank dungeon.

Only problem it, I've never really painted a forest scene before. I've been practicing a little with my graphics tab, to make a few sort of preliminary sketches. Trying to work out the best way to convey the depth and density of this image I have in my head.

My first try was based on this pic and ended up looking like this:

Now, while I like the colours and the way the roots turned out, it became not so much a forest as a few dead trees standing on a hill. Kind of broody but there doesn't appear to be anywhere for those pesky Woodelves to hide before taking you hostage.

So it's back to the drawing board (almost literally) and time to start from scratch. No photos to trace from this time. just throwing colors on and blending them till I get something I like.

Having the graphics tab to do the sketches with is a real blessing because it means that any mistakes are easily rectified and I can spend hours tweeking it without having to worry about the paint drying. Only problem is, when it comes to doing the real thing, am I going to be able to get the same effect with my acrylics.

Time will tell I guess.

Here's a progress shot of the "free hand" piece I have been practicing on now.

Nowhere near respectable yet but you get the idea....... (I hope)


I didn't really like the yellow background so now it looks a bit like this:

Monday, 18 August 2008

”You're a Vegetarian? But what do you eat?!?!”

I think every vegetarian and vegan gets asked that question about a million times. As if there is no such thing as a meal without meat. It always makes me laugh though.

At the end of the day my diet is probably more varied than the average meat-eater. I think you are forced to become more creative with your meals and you actually know a bit more about what your putting into your body. You look at each meal a little differently and you say to yourself: ”Ok, so do I have some carbs in this meal? What vitamins am I getting here? Is there a way I can add more iron/protein/vitamin A or B etc?”

My vegetarian sister-in-law and I were talking about just that internal dialogue a week or so ago and the one thing that we both agreed was hard to maintain in our diets was a healthy protein level. I mean, there are only so many chick peas you can eat in a day and seaweed is not someting that you want to add to your average meal.

So I got to thinking and reasearching and found a great alternative called Seitan. It's almost pure wheat gluten though, so people with intolerences to such things should probably steer well clear of it, but for the rest of us it's perfect. Being almost 75% protein means that if, like me, your looking at getting between 60 and 120 grams of protein a day, they you only need to add say an 80 gram serving to your dinner and Bobs your uncle.

Seitan is often called ”Wheat Meat” and, after I made it the first time my husband tasted it and after some consideration decided that it was very tasty, but that it weirded him out. It has the flavour and texture of a piece of meat but it isn't. I think that was a bit too much of a culinary conundrum for him and so he's decided that from now on it will be ”just a Lee Lee food”. Which means more for me. WHOO!

I've adapted my recipe for it from a cookbook called ”Vegan Planet”. It's a huge brick of a book full of great tips for vegetarians and vegans alike about making sure your diet has a healthy balance and is full of yummy nutritiousness.



1 onion chopped roughly (or quarted...however you want)

2 carrots chopped roughly

1 chopped up celery rib

2-3 bay leaves

1/2 cup of tamari or soy sauce

2 crush cloves of garlic

1 veggie stock cube

10 cups of water


9 cups of flour (most recipies call for whole wheat flour, but I have used white flour as well to great success)

4 cups of water.


1. In a large pot combine all the ingredients for the stock. Place over a high heat and bring to the boil. Once its boiled turn it down really low and let it simmer while you prepare the seitan.

2. Mix the flour and water together in a big mixing bowl and stir it untill you have a firm dough. If you feel you need to add more flour to firm it up then do so.

3. Knead the dough on a flat surface untill it is smooth and elastic.

4. Place the dough back in the bowl and cover with warm water. Leave to stand for 20 minutes. Perhaps have a cup of tea, or play with your pets.

5. Now here comes the fun. Gently knead the dough while it's still in the water until the water goes milky white. That's all the starch comming out.

6. Drain that milky water out and cover again with cold clean water and knead again. Repeat this process untill the water is almost clear as you knead it. This part takes a while, but it's kind of interesting to watch this huge ball of dough reduce down to almost pure gluten.

7. Once you have a nice ball of seitan that is no longer releasing so much starch, divide it up onto smaller pieces. I make my little pieces about 5cm across cause once they cook in the stock they get to be about a 30 gram portion.

8. Put the small peices of seitan into the simmering stock and let them cook for an hour. Make sure the stock doesn't boil and that the seitan pieces are covered by water for as long as possible (they tend to float towards the top as they get to the end of the hour)

(The seitan in the stock towards the end of the hour of cooking)

9. Voila! Wheat meat! If you put the peices into a big clean jar and pour some of the stock over them to cover, you can store it in the fridge for up to 5 days. Alternatively you can wrap each piece in cling film and store them in a bag in the freezer for up to 6 months. When you need one you just pop it in the oven on 150c for 15 minutes or so to thaw it and re-heat.

What you can do with the seitan after you've made it is really up to the imagination. Tonight, for example, I'll be slicing it up to have on burgers. It's also great on a sandwhich or in a stir-fry instead of tofu.

(Sliced up and ready for noming.)

However you have it, it's pretty darn good. And cheap too!

Friday, 27 June 2008

Moleskine madness

My very lovely mother-in-law Mette gave me a Moleskine sketchbook a while ago and one of my current goals it to fill it with drawings/paintings.

I'm slowly getting there with filling my Moleskine. I’m trying not to spend too much time on each peice, which is something that goes against my usual behaviour. More often than not I spend so much time on a piece I am working on that I get bored with it and never finish. Now I am just trying to get the images that are in my head out onto the paper as quickly as I can whilst still retaining some sembelance of technique.

(Sorry for the quality of the shots. I only have a webcam to take them with at the moment.)

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Laughing in Danish.

A few weeks ago I started my complimentry Danish language courses at LærDansk on Vestergade here in Århus. The lessons are great (even if they do start at 8 in the morning) and I feel like I am learning a lot. Granted we haven't really got past simple things like ”What's your name.”, ”Where do you come from?”, ”What time is it?” and ”What's the weather like?”, but with four 3 hour lessons a week I'm sure it will start to sink in sooner or later. In fact I have even caught myself a few times lately forgetting how to spell things in English. Which is sometimes a little strange.

For instance this morning I was writing to a friend about how I have to learn to say the alphabet again and it took me a few long minutes to realise I had spelt the word: ”alfabet”. In my mind it look completely acceptable, it wasn't untill i re-read what I had written did I realise that my friend would probably start to think I had suffered some sort of stroke that had regressed my spelling skills to that of a 7 year old. Fair enough if I had been drunk I guess, but not up to standard for 6:30 in the morning and completely sober.

It is a difficult language at times, and other times also very similar to english (we English types did kind of steal a lot of our words from the Danes when they....ahem....invaded back in the Viking age) but when it comes to grammar, danish reaches a whole new level of crazy.

For example if I was to say ”I go shopping of a morning” in Danish it would be:

Jeg køber ind om morgenen”

Which appears very simple I agree but, say I wanted to mix it up a little and instead say ”Of a morning, I go shopping” then it would be:

”Om morgenen køber jeg ind”

See.....SEE! They switch things around on you! Subject and verb do the old ”Inversion” trick and get me all discombobulated. And when I ask why, most people cant tell me. They just shrug and say ”There really is no sufficient explanation I'm afraid” and I am quickly learning that this appears to be the case with a lot of danish language rules.

Now I know that in English there are a lot of crazy rules also, but at least when you ask ”Why?” you can more often than not get some sort of insight behind the reasoning. But here it's not like that. Here you just have to accept it and move on. Which is hard for me. I'm one of those annoying types that needs to know the ”why” behind things. Now it seems I have to learn to suppress that side of me and not get frustrated when I cant get an answer. I need to take a few deep breaths and think ”Calm blue ocean....caaalm blue ocean.....”

I find myself giggling a lot at it, which I know I shouldn't do. I should take it seriously, like serious donkey. But there is to much insanity and gaffaw material I just cant help myself.

And so, I present you with a small list of things about the danish language that make me snikker like a schoolgirl:

What time is it?

In Danish, when you want to tell someone the time you can do it in the easy everyday way, which is very similar to English. So:

7:10 = ”ti minutter over syv”
8:25 = ”fem og tyve minutter over otte”
11:45 = ”kvart i tolv”

Pretty simple right? But what about saying 6:30? This is where it gets weird. In English that would be half past six but in danish you say half to seven, or ”Halv syv”.

Then if you want to get nuts about it, you can say stuff like:

”fire minutter over halv syv”

which means its 4 minutes past half to 7............ so 6:34.

BUT, you can only say that from 21 past the hour - 29 past the hour and from 29 to the hour - 21 to the hour.

Woo! High five to danish for being slightly convoluted!

There is no ”please”.

In danish there is no single word for please. So when you want to be polite you often have to construct a whole sentence instead of just adding one word to your request. For example:

”Luk døren” (close the door)

sounds like a barked command and would be considered quite rude to say to someone in polite company. So instead you would say:

”Vil du godt lukke døren”

which roughly means: ”Would you be so good as to close the door?”

Completely harmless in Danish......slightly rude in English.

Now this is just me being completely juvenile, but there are some danish words that when pronunced in english sound like the sort of things you might find written on the walls of a high-school boys lavatory:

Slappe af meaning relax (which makes me giggle even more)
Slut meaning end, finish
Slutspurt meaning the race to the finish (often plastered all over shop fronts when the big sales are closing down)
Fart meaning speed, travel
Skat meaning tax, taxes, treasure, sweety(a loved one)
Seks meaning six
Smut meaning a small trip, a quick visit, to take off
Slags meaning sort, of a kind
Fok meaning foresail (on a boat)
Dump meaning dull hollow or muffled

I'm sure there are many more, but that is what I have come across so far. I know, I know.....I really have way too much time on my hands and should start behaving like a 30 year old and not a 13 year old.

But meh.....what are ya gonna do.

Finally in light of all my new learnings, this is from a Norwegian TV's mostly complete gibberish but it makes me giggle even more now that I'm getting the hang of danish and hearing the different dialects. I especially love the bit about the danish number system....but thats a story for another day.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My clever friend.

This is just a straight up "show off your friends post". Sometimes I am just so proud of the people in my life I just want to make sure that everyone knows how special they are.

My friend Natty is not only one of the lovliest people I know, but also one of the most creative. She is a renaisance woman of sorts - a painter, a musician, a talented writer and now a video producer and star. She is also sweet, funny and inspiring to know.

Recently she made a video for the Nine Inch Nails Film Festival and uploaded it to youtube. I think it is fantastic. It's ethereal and compelling and it has my beautiful friend in it.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Mutilating t-shirts for fun and pleasure.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about clothing reconstruction. You know where you take some old piece that you may not wear anymore, or something you picked up at a second hand clothing store for cheap, and turn it into something you might actually be seen in public in.

A few months ago I attemped my first "re-con" - a skirt made out of two old t-shirts that I bought from the thrift store up the road specifically for the purpose of hacking into pieces. The resulting little number was made without a pattern and was an awesome way to spend a rainy Danish winter afternoon.

I really liked it and have been meaning to get back to the thrift store to raid their t-shirt stash again to try something new.

In the meantime, spring has arrived and I am finding that I am heading out without my big woolen coat on a fair bit now. It's just too warm now to rug up that much. The only problem with not having the big coat on is that a lot of my shirts are just a tad too short and I tend to have the skin at my lower back or on my tummy getting exposed every now and then. This would be fine if I were back in Australia, where even the coolest the spring-time weather is often equivalent to a warm scandinavian summers day. Here though, it means I can get quite a chill.

To combat this problem I had a bit of a think and decided to create a "tummy warmer". Something that I can wear under my shirts to give them a bit of extra length and cover up my middle a bit. So yesterday I got to work stitching together all the little left over pieces from the mutilated t-shirts to create my first attempt.

There were a few hiccoughs. For instance, I ended up not having enough scraps to make it wide enough, which I rectified by attacking a thin black shrug type jacket that I have never worn, and using it to create a wide waistband at the top. Also the fact that I am still quite a noob when it comes to clothes making meant that made the whole piece into a simple tube and therefore it had no shape. I ended up cutting off the first seam I made in the side and re-stitching it into A-line shape to make it a bit more figure hugging, thereby actually keeping it in place and not having it fall down all the time.

The final product looks a bit haphazard, but I kind of like that look. I also like the creepy "dark circus" type feel the black and red mismatched stripes give it. Almost like Emily The Strange, but, you know, not quite as cool.... or as well done....or as talented.

But anyway, it does the trick and I think I'm definately going to make a few more not only to practise my skills, but to give myself something fun to wear.