Sunday, 13 January 2008

My first knitted piece!!!

Behold my latest creation!!!

And, my first true piece of knitting.

I taught myself to knit over the holiday period by watching Thread Heads on youtube and practising with some hideously eye-munging red yarn. That piece ended up being full of holes cause of dropped stitches or lumpy from knots and stuff ups. I kept over-thinking purling and screwing a lot up but once I got the hang of it I started on something that I, at first, wanted to be a black (like my soul) scarf.

But I kept forgetting what kind of row I was up to when I put my work down: "Was it knit this row or was it purl?"

I ended up having to make a little system, whereby I would stick my needles into the yarn ball a certain way if my next row was to be knit, so that when I picked it up again I would know what to do. Didn't always work though and I ended up geting a little turned around a couple of times and creating these two ridges aross the piece.

I kept looking at these ridges and getting pissed at myself for ruining my work but then I noticed that they were almonst exactly the same width apart as my wrist.

"Ah-ha!" Thought I, "I shall make a gawfic cuff!"

So after knitting and purling my way through a couple more rows, then watching youtube again to teach myself how to cast-off, I stitched some buttons into place (they belonged to my Nanna, who passed away a few years ago now) and then stictched the whole thing into a tube.

Voila! I R Gawf-tard knitter girl!!


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