Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Pinboard Goodness

Yesterday, the man and I completed our first piece of shared home craft. A pinboard to hang by the door and decorate with pictures as well as shopping lists ("indkĂžbsliste" as I have learnt such lists are called in Danske.)

The pinboard itself was 75,- DKK (around AUD$16) but it was covered in a horrible poo-brown hessian. After a quick stop in at a fabric store in town and grabbing a piece of off-cut black material for only 37,-DKK (AUD$8), I covered it to make it look nicer. When we held it up we were delighted to discover that it looked a bit like a blackboard, giving it a restaurant menu kind of look.

The man got to be very DIY and put up some hooks for it to hang on using his trusty power drill, and he was excited to get to do the first bit of decorating on the board itself. I followed through with some silly bits and pieces to fill it up with, my favourite of which it the centre piece - a cartoon drawing of different ways to surreptitiously give the finger.

Next craft project in the works: A plastic shopping bag holder (made with the left over pieces of black material from the pinboard)

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