Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Red Eyes and Bad Carpet.

Well, here I am in Denmark. Finally posting after the long flights and getting rested and settled.

The flights weren't all that bad except for the sheer boredom, the close proximity one must be to random strangers for extended lengths of time and the ability of airlines the world over to serve crappy meals at really stupid times.

To get my internal body clock switched to northern hemisphere time, I stayed awake for the entire first "half" of the journey. A 7 and a half hour flight from Sydney to Singapore followed by a 7 hour wait in Changi Airport (the swanky new Terminal 3.) That coupled with the hours I was awake before getting on the flight in Sydney meant that I was awake for about 20 hours untill I stumbled onto the flight from Singapore to Copenhagen.

By that stage I was kind of ready to kill. My eyes were stinging from the air conditioning and the people that were milling about in Changi Airport made me want to punch them in the back of the head. I had the great pleasure to experience not one, not two, but three seperate individuals who felt it perfectly prudent to fart rather loudly in the middle of a large group of people and not appologise and even look to have the audacity to be proud of themselves for it.

Just so you know, the guy in the red shirt in the picture below was the loudest farter of the 3.

After an hour and a half sitting at gate A4 waiting for my flight to board, I also developed and intense hatred for the carpeting in the terminal. I wanted to track down the person who thought it was a good idea to put that attrocity on the floor and stick lemon juice coated tooth-picks in their eyes.

Once on board the final flight, I thought I was going to be hugely lucky and get 3 seats to myself. But then the small guy from the row ahead of me decided that he didn't like his asile seat and he climbed over the top of me and plonked himself in the empty seat next to the window. The fucker!! I decided then and there that he was in no way going to benefit from the empty seat between us, and he watched me through fuming eyes as I stretched my legs out and took up as much of the spare space as I could. I smiled at him in a way that I hoped made it clear that if he tried at all to muscle me out of this position, he would end up on the wrong end of my fist.

I fell asleep fairly quickly at that point, as did most of the people on the plane, but we were awoken only an hour later to be served some horrible food. Why they thought we would want food at this point was anybody's guess. I mean it was probably 2 in the morning local time...not really the best moment to serve up some cardboard flavoured meal and a few slices of fruit if you ask me. I ignored it and went back to sleep and was lucky to squeeze in a good 8 hours worth before waking up to the little guy talking loudly over the top of me to his wife across the aisle.

The saving grace for the entire trip was landing in Copenhagen and getting to hold and kiss my fiance again after not being with him for 6 months. His big beaming smile made it all worth it.

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