Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tomorrow...and onwards

Tomorrow, I leave Australia to go and make a new life with my soon-to-be husband in Denmark.

I am nervous, excited and elated to be finally on my way, and of course sad to say goodbye (for now) to the country of my birth. There are not a lot of words to explain how that feels. My mind is doing it's usual trick of being calm and serene one moment and bat-shit insane the next, making this last night seem slightly surreal.

For weeks now I have been looking at things through slightly altered eyes. Sometimes I would be thinking to myself, "Is this the last time I am going to see this sight for a while...", "I wonder when I will hear a whip-bird call again..." and suddenly I feel that I have somehow missed some things. Things that I should have paid more attention to or been open to.

But then I realise there is no point dwelling on things that I can not change, and I remember what it is I am about to do.

I am off...tomorrow morning...to strange and exciting new adventures. Adventures like becoming a wife, learning to live and communicate in another country and another language, finding my place in a new culture. Learning to live with my friends on the other side of the world (and missing them), and attempting to make new friends in my new surroundings.

This is going to be a challenge, probably the biggest of my life.

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