Saturday, 1 March 2008

Weddings and kisses.

So a few days ago, my handsome Dane and I tied the knot.

The ceremony was fantastic. It basically went like this:

Wedding Geezer (as he was nicknamed later in the day): Do you?
The Dane: Yup
Wedding Geezer: Do You?
Me: Yup
Wedding Geezer: I pronounce you married then. NEXT!

I loved it, no stuffing about, no long winded speeches. Just plain and to the point. We kissed and made our way back out into the world as husband and wife.

The weather was lovely and the sky gods seemed to smile on us for the day. The wild windy wet that had previously been sweeping across East Jutland calmed for that one day, and we we're bathed in lovely sunshine as we walked to the Prins Ferdinand Resturant in Den Gamle By (The Old Town).

The meal was amazing and accompanied by some fine champagne and wine that made everything taste even better (if that could be possible). As we were leaving the lovely waitress who had served us all afternoon grabbed a beautiful orange tigerlilly for me and gave us a bottle of very fine spainish olive oil as a gift from the resturant to us.

The afternoon was spent drinking and being merry back at our cosy flat with our guests (my new mother and father-in-law and my new sisiter-in-law and her husband). There was a lot of great champagne wine and beer consumed and some laughter and mirth was had by all.

All in all, my wedding day was perfect. And the best thing about it is the fact that I now have a devine new husband to spend the rest of my life with.

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