Sunday, 27 April 2008

Mutilating t-shirts for fun and pleasure.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about clothing reconstruction. You know where you take some old piece that you may not wear anymore, or something you picked up at a second hand clothing store for cheap, and turn it into something you might actually be seen in public in.

A few months ago I attemped my first "re-con" - a skirt made out of two old t-shirts that I bought from the thrift store up the road specifically for the purpose of hacking into pieces. The resulting little number was made without a pattern and was an awesome way to spend a rainy Danish winter afternoon.

I really liked it and have been meaning to get back to the thrift store to raid their t-shirt stash again to try something new.

In the meantime, spring has arrived and I am finding that I am heading out without my big woolen coat on a fair bit now. It's just too warm now to rug up that much. The only problem with not having the big coat on is that a lot of my shirts are just a tad too short and I tend to have the skin at my lower back or on my tummy getting exposed every now and then. This would be fine if I were back in Australia, where even the coolest the spring-time weather is often equivalent to a warm scandinavian summers day. Here though, it means I can get quite a chill.

To combat this problem I had a bit of a think and decided to create a "tummy warmer". Something that I can wear under my shirts to give them a bit of extra length and cover up my middle a bit. So yesterday I got to work stitching together all the little left over pieces from the mutilated t-shirts to create my first attempt.

There were a few hiccoughs. For instance, I ended up not having enough scraps to make it wide enough, which I rectified by attacking a thin black shrug type jacket that I have never worn, and using it to create a wide waistband at the top. Also the fact that I am still quite a noob when it comes to clothes making meant that made the whole piece into a simple tube and therefore it had no shape. I ended up cutting off the first seam I made in the side and re-stitching it into A-line shape to make it a bit more figure hugging, thereby actually keeping it in place and not having it fall down all the time.

The final product looks a bit haphazard, but I kind of like that look. I also like the creepy "dark circus" type feel the black and red mismatched stripes give it. Almost like Emily The Strange, but, you know, not quite as cool.... or as well done....or as talented.

But anyway, it does the trick and I think I'm definately going to make a few more not only to practise my skills, but to give myself something fun to wear.

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