Sunday, 20 April 2008

Sunday Scrapbook Page.

A while back I found a cool site for digital scrapbooking called Scrapblog and I've never really gotten around to trying it out. This afternoon I thought I would give it a go and have been pleasantly surprised. It's easy to use and has some cute stickers, backgrounds and frames to spruce up your page. I've never really been into scrapbooking, but this digital kind could become addictive.

I created a single page, based on some pictures I took a few days ago when Peter and I took a walk through Riis Skov here in Århus.

Riis Skov is a beautiful wooded parkland area that overlooks Århus Bugten and is about a 2 minute walk from our apartment. At times it can seem a little crowded, I guess because it's so close to the town centre which makes it the best place to get some excercise and some fresh air without having to get on a bus and head into the countryside. In the afternoons it's filled with people jogging and walking their pets and airing their spouses and little ones, but I've discovered that during weekdays, in the middle of the day, it is quite possible to get the whole forest almost to oneself.

That is when I love it the most I think. When it is quiet and when you dont have to watch out on the tracks to keep out of the way of the joggers and pets and prams. When you can climb on things and go off the trails into the thicket without anyone giving you a funny look. It's like having a big, slighty magical playground on your doorstep.

And I dont even mind the strong garlicy smell from the wild chives that grow there en masse.

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