Friday, 18 April 2008

Young Me, Now Me.

One of my favourite web people, Zefrank, has started something fun over on Twitter. It's called colorwars 2008 and it's all about joining a team and winning challenges. Now, what with me being the massive webnerd that I am, I have not only created a twitter account (which will also update my page here at Mitigating Monotony) but I have begun participating in the colorwars.

I have stayed true to the colour that has been my favourite since childhood and joined the Purpleteam. Purple of course being the greatest of all colours as any fool would know. All hail purple, we bow down to your greatness and your lordship over all other hues, tones and shades.

I love that colorwars seems to mainly be about interaction. You interact with others on the web, you interact with your environment and you interact with your own inherent creativity.

The challenges are fun and quirky and easy to be a part of. For example, one of the latest challenges is YoungMeNowMe. You simply find a childhood photo of yourself (young me) and then recrate the pose or situation represented in that photo with a brand new picture (now me).

I decided to try my hand at this (with a little help from my husband) and below are the results.

Young me:

Now me:

Because of Denmark's disappointing lack of Kangaroo action we had to use "Skippy" (a toy I bought for Peter while we were on opposite sides of the globe) as a stand in for the real thing. Skippy was chuffed to be able to be a part of a real photoshoot, but we had to let her go after a few takes as she became demanding and impossible to work with.

More on colorwars and it's challenges later.

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