Sunday, 19 October 2008

Samhain decorating.

In between cleaning today, in preparation for some lovely Aussie house guests, I got a little creative and decided to decorate for Samhain (or Halloween if you prefer to call it that) as well.

It started with some tea-light jars based on this post at Skip To My Lou, but I didn't have all the materials for that so I went simpler and just wrapped some orange paper round some jars and glued it on. Then I cut out some black eyes and mouths and stuck those on and finished off with a spikey "hairstyle". Stick a tealight inside and hey-presto: Pumpkin Head Glow Jars!

After that I went a bit Samhain crazy.

This crazy might have included a trip to the supermarket down the road, where they might have had a huge cardboard box, that might have been filled with big carvable pumpkins.

Ok. All of this actually happened.

This being my first pumpkin carving escapade meant I went a little easy on the big artistic gestures and when for simple and classic:

But one cant stop there. Oh no!

There must be cardboard spiders stuck to the walls:

And, one must create bunting.


I quite liked cutting out all those little bats and pumpkins and making their little faces. Each one all had their own little personalities. Like that guy ^ in the middle there, his name was Henrik and he had a lazy eye caused by the stress of his heavy workload at the dental floss factory.

(**Disclaimer: The above sentance may elicit a brief outburst from my brother-in-law, Nic. That outburst may include the words "Electro-Shock Therapy!"**)

Now the flat is cosy and clean and full of Samhain-y goodness. I think I will be sad after the 31st when I will have to take it all down.

Also I have decided that my pumpkin's name is not Jack.

It's Thurston.

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  1. Your decorations look great! Thanks so much for linking to me!