Monday, 26 January 2009


On my sister-in-law's birthday wish list this year she had written that she wanted some Kokeshi dolls. At first neither my husband nor I had any idea what they were, but thanks to the wonderful power of the internets (its a series of tubes), we were wiser in the ways of strange looking Japanese wooden dolls.

So we started ringing around to the stores here in Århus and not a single place we called could help us. Most knew what they were, which was a plus I guess, but not all that helpful when we needed the gift for the following day. I think in the end we rang a total of 12 places and by the time we had finished that process I decided there had to be a better way.

Lucily I had a small canvas left from the last batch I bought, and figured that I had plenty of time to paint some Kokeshi and hope that it was dry for when we travelled to Copenhagen the next day. After I had started though I realised that I was running out of white paint, and as anyone who is painting kokeshi dolls knows, it just cant be done without white paint :P . So the husband and I took a walk into town in the freezing danish wind to grab some paint and a few other bits and pieces. This was all fine, mainly because I got to go into one of my favourite shops here in DK, Søstrene Grene . Bliss. But it did mean a few hours taken out of my painting time.

But luckily I was able to spend the rest of the day and evening on it and the finished product is something I was very happy with. I loved all the colours and it was heaps of fun to do. I'm even thinking of painting another one for me.

And incidently, the little blonde ninja in the pink kimono at the end: that would be the kokeshi version of my Sis-in-law. :P

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  1. Ossum painting. :D

    The kimonos are totally fab.