Tuesday, 10 February 2009

25 Random things about me (Or "Procrasting on Facebork")

[This is one of those things that is being sent around on facebook, you know where you have to tag someone and then they have to complete it as well.

I was obviously a bit bored when WoW went down today]

1. I'm not going to tag anyone in this cause I'm horrible and dont care enough. Well not really, I just dont want people to feel obligated to do this sort of thing if they cant be arsed.

2. I dont believe it is going to snow today even though the forecast says it is. I'm cynical like that.

3. I play with my hair a lot.

4. I'm a vegetarian. I dont think I'm overly strict about it or that it's a very hard lifestyle to lead, but a lot people seem slightly bemused by my diet, as if I must be slowly fading away from lack of nourishment or something. I assure you I'm not.

5. I am a bit of a voyeur of homes and home decorating. If I see an open window or blind, I will have a quick peek in to see how the person living there has decorated. I also love the idea of being able to have a brief glimpse of a strangers life and to be able to relate to them (or not) based on that glimpse.

6. For some reason bees make me giggle hysterically. Especially the idea of a bee kite (thats a bee on a string) or sending someone a singular live bee in an envelope. How awesome would that be!

7. Purple is the greatest colour in the world. Anyone who thinks differently is obviously suffering from some sort of mental defection.

8. I didn't learn to drive untill I was 26 or something and now that I am not driving anymore I dont think I want to start again.

9. I have a kitten sitting on my lap right now. If I try and move the mouse she attacks the curser on the screen.

10. I'm starting to worry that my knowledge of the english language is slowly being forced out of my head as the danish language is being forced in. Sometimes I have to correct myself cause I mix up the danish and english spelling of things. I have done so about 5 times already in this little piece.

11. I like making things.

12. I love photoshopping and creating digital art works with my trusty graphics tab.

13. I am a mad wicked procrastinator. For example, right now I probably should be doing my homework. But I'm not, and I probably wont when I finish writing this. I'll probably find something else to do that will keep me from it.

14. I wont accept application requests anymore because they share too much personal information with everyone and anything. I think that Facebook itself has enough comunication options to keep one amused without having to compromise your privacy further by adding all that other junk.

15. I'm an internet addict.

16. I'm actually quite terrible at keeping in contact with people even though I dont want to be. I think it's the procrastination thing again. I tell myself "I'll email/call later" and just never get around to it. Lame excuse I know, but it's the truth.

17. I take a lot of pictures.

18. I fear/look forward to one day becoming one of those crazy old women that has a lot of pets and talks to them all.

19. Making paper cranes and doing origami in general makes me feel calm and at peace.

20. My closet is usually a massive mess. I shove stuff in most of the time and when I want to get something out a huge pile of clothes comes tumbling out with it. I tidied it a week ago and it's already back to it's normal state.

21. I used to have 2 goldfish: Sredni and Vashtar. They died. I also had an axolotl named Quetzelcoatl. He died. I dont think I should have anymore fish or amphibians.

22. I like to knit. I'm not very good at it or very fast, but I like doing it.

23. When I moved from Australia to Denmark, I condensed my worldly possessions down to 6 tubs and a backpack worth of stuff. It was actually quite liberating to let go of most of it.

24. During the second world war, a lawyer who was thought to be working for the Danish resistance, was shot right outside our bedroom window by the gestapo. There is a plaque down there on the wall commemorating him. I find that terribly interesting and sad. Sometimes I stare out the window and think about what it must have been like for the people living here at that time.

25. It still isn't snowing.

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