Monday, 16 February 2009

Five things about my day: Monday 16/2/2009

1. I've been feeling kind of ickie today. Actually for the last few days, but today has been the most ickie I have felt. It's a bit like I have a flu or a bad cold coming on, but it doesn't want to go the whole hog and just 'be' a cold or the flu. It wants to be that annoying preview stage that makes you feel drowsy and achy. The worst part is that, because it's only the cusp of sick, you feel like a pansy cause your not 'really' sick.

2. The weather is quite strange today. It looks like it has been snowing most of the day, with little flakes falling softly, but not enough of them stay on the ground, they just melt so quickly. Currently it looks as though bits of the ground have been dusted in icing sugar.

I don't mind if it snows, but at least it could stay on the ground and make things look pretty and white and crisp. Not this horrible drizzly sleety stuff that just makes everything wet and annoying.

3. There is a dead cat on the floor.

Well, she's not really dead. More like dead tired from her morning of running about after paper balls, howling for attention, getting attention and then getting annoyed with the attention she has gotten. Followed by more howling, running and generally going spazmodical.

Oh she has figured out that someone is talking about her and has decided that it is much more cosy to be on my lap. Like so:

4. Husband ordered a copy of “My name is Bruce” from

Very excited about that cause as we all know Bruce Campbell is probably the greatest actor – no, greatest HUMAN BEING – of our time.

5. Lunch today was a very simple Asian style sweet corn soup with egg. One of my favourite soup recipes at the moment cause it takes literally minutes to make and only has 5 ingredients:

3 cups water
1 cup frozen corn kernels
1 veg stock cube
4 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
1 Egg

In a pot put in the water, frozen corn stock cube and sweet chilli sauce. Bring it to the boil.

Take it off the heat and blend it so the corn is all mushed up.

Put it back on the heat.

Beat the egg in a small cup/bowl and slowly pour it into the soup while you stir it with a fork. The egg will go all stringy and separate, but don't worry, it's suppose to look like that.

Heat for another few minutes while the egg kind of poaches in the soup.

Nom and enjoy.

And for those of you that are interested in these sorts of things:

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  1. Love the pictures and stories of your cat. Lunch did look healthy....