Monday, 18 May 2009

"The Chatterer": MS painting Hellraiser

Over on my forum, we play a little game called "Paint Scene". One has to recreate a scene from a specified movie using only MS Paint or a similar drawing program. It's not a new game, or even original, but damn it is fun, and sometimes quite difficult. Especially if you have never seen the film that is on the table for interpretation.

The last film that was up for painting was Hellraiser. Now while I am a great fan of Clive Barker's novels and short stories, I am ashamed to admit that I have never actually seen the film. I only knew one image from it and that was the well known vision of Pinhead. I didn't want to do that one so I ended up having to do a bit of an image search, and found The Chatterer, who to me is even more creepy than ol' Pin-Noggin.

So here, in all it's MS Paint glory, is my version of The Chatterer:

And as you can probably tell, we also like to caption our images a bit.....the sillier, the better :P

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