Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Papier Machê: It's the new WoW.

So recently, after almost 4 years of playing (phew, that seems like a long time) I decided to give up World Of Warcraft. The husband, who was also an avid player, threw in the WoW towel a few weeks ago and has felt better for it. I found myself wanting that same feeling of freedom and so chose to follow his good lead.

Obviously there are loads of good reasons for giving it up (money/lifestyle/not getting into stupid innane conversations with 12 year olds over the chat channels about Chuck Norris) and yet I could find only one bad reason: What to do with my time?

I should never really worry about something like that though I guess. It just means more time for crafting, art, writing and reading. A whole bunch of things I love to do and yet never seemed to have the time for because of WoW. So in actuality the only bad thing about giving up "The Warcrack" is in fact one of the best things.

In the last few days, just to amuse myself, I have been getting messy and fooling about with papier machê. Mainly inspired by the amazing pieces at Ultimate Paper Mache but obviously nowhere near as awesome and full of win as them.

Firstly, I decided I needed a little stand to hang my laptop headset on when I'm not using it and thought, "Why not a little statue?" And so I harnessed my inner MacGuyver and, using only some flour, water, paper, a wooden skewer and an old vegemite jar lid, I ended up with this:

After a good drying in the oven (low heat - 50C - with the fan on and the door cracked open a bit) and a lick of paint, my little headphone stand was ready for use.

I was a little worried that she wasn't going to be strong enough to hold the headset, but as she has dried more, she had become firmer and now is almost completely solid so there seems to be no issues there.

The other piece I made was a kind of scrapbook. We are often given (and find) articles from newspapers and magazines on self sufficiency, gardening, cooking, home hints and things of that nature to read and keep. For ages now most of these clippings have been scattered about the place cause we had nowhere solid for them to live, but after a little more papier machê-ing, this was constructed:

I quite liked it when it was at the raw stage, but I made a bit of a hodge-podge of it when I added the paint. At the end of the day though, it's job is to store clippings in and, after adding some ribbon and some small bits of dowel as a binding mechanism, it does what it is supposed to do to a T.

After all that, I have decided I definately dig papier machê. It's messy and fun, it makes you think a bit creatively with construction, it is quite practical and it's an awesome way to actually use all the free newspapers and advertising we seem to get here. I was chuffed to bits then, to find that the latest Craftster Challenge is to "Repurpose a Catalogue". I am totally going to be entering that one, and have already started on my piece......

.....but thats a post for another day.

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