Friday, 1 May 2009

Spring Lanterns

I seemed to have started a little tradition here. For each season, I create a new set of tea-light candle lanterns. It started with the samhain (autumn) ones I made last year and was followed by the Yule Log ones I made for xmas.

For spring, I decided I really loved all the wonderful fresh green colours the trees are sprouting. They all look like tasty, yummy salads. I decided to try and capture that a little, along with some of the colours of the flowers down in the garden.

(^ I quite liked the little bird on that one)

(^In the background there you can see my lovely sister-in-law and half of my brother-in-law as they crossed the finish line of the Copenhagen Marathon last year. They are full of awesome and win those two.)

I wonder what I will do for the summer?

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