Sunday, 21 June 2009


There is this guy called Ola Helland and his friend Jørgen doesn't believe that Ola can collect one million hand drawn pictures of giraffes by 2011.

It's a tall order I know, but I totally have faith that it can be done. So much so, that I submitted this picture of a giraffe to the cause just this very day:

Link to my OneMillionGiraffes submission:

If you too would like to help Ola prove Jørgen wrong, go to The One Million Giraffes Project and submit your giraffe now. Ola is counting on all of us to make this a reality.

We can make a difference.

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Since the number of giraffes one can submit is unlimited, and since Ola is still well below his target, I decided to create another giraffe drawing. This one a little less... um...graceful looking :P

The Giraffe Bike on

More giraffes to come....possibly.

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