Thursday, 25 June 2009

Summer Lanterns.

The summer solstice has just past here is the north, and I'm officially on holidays from danish classes for a month and a bit. What better way to celebrate both, than with the creation of some now traditional seasonal lanterns!!!

I was having a bit of trouble trying to decide on a design for these ones. I knew I wanted to have them have something to do with the sun and light in general, but I also wanted something a little different from the others I had done.

I sat down and started scribbling and came up with this design:

As usual, it is a watercolor painting on a fairly thick type of artists sketch paper. I find that the light that filters through from the candles is quite subtle and pretty when I make them this way, so I guess I'm sticking with it for now.

Right at the last minute, before attaching them to the glass jars, I had the idea of poking holes in the white 'suns' to let little pinpricks of light through. I'm so glad I did, cause now they kind of twinkle as the candle flickers.

After doing the intricate painting on the swirls, I was thinking if there could be an easier way to make them, and of course there is. Just make them in Photoshop and print them out. Unfortunately, we don't have a printer. That didn't stop me though, from throwing the design together in PS anyway. In the process, I came up with an alternative design, which I now think I like even more. With funky 'sunburst', go-faster type stripes and swirls that look more swirly and full of win.

With a little help from Block Posters, I created simple PDF files of the two designs I came up with, so that anyone that has the urge, can download them and print them out.

The first is the simple design:

And the second is the funky new 'sunburst' design:

Download the 'lantern w sunburst' file via MediaFire

If you would like to have the sparkly pin-pricks of light I have mentioned, all you need to do is get a nice thick needle, and poke it through the paper from the back to the front, in a little pattern on just the white parts. This way the little ripped edge of each hole will be facing outwards and you'll get a bit more light from the candle inside. Cut the design out and wrap it around your jar, securing it with a little non-toxic paper glue, and 'hey presto' a funky little summer lantern! You could even put some citronella tea-lights in there to keep the bugs at bay and use them on a outdoor table, for when your sitting, BBQ-ing, drinking and talking bollocks on warm summer nights.


Remember, your talking about fire here.

Fire is bad.

It burns and stuff.

Make sure that you use thick glass jars for the inside of the lanterns. I use some old coffe jars that are about 8cm wide and 12cm high and I only ever put a regular sized tea-light candle in there. I find that these don't get too warm, but even so, it is important to never EVER leave a burning candle unattended and to make sure that it is placed in a safe position so that you wont do something daft, like set fire to some curtains or something. Keep the lanterns out of reach of pets and children as well and you will hopefully get lots of joy from them.

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  1. The light comes through the white circles really awesomely. Nice ones!

    I do like your handmade better than the computery ones, though. :)