Monday, 21 September 2009

Generating ideas.

To anyone who actually reads this blog, it would be glaringly obvious that I am finding the monster drawing game to be a fantastic way to boost my creativity when it comes to generating ideas for drawings. It's a bit sad really that I would need something like that, and that I couldn't use my own imagination to think up a theme or character, but it is a good springboard tool into learning to think outside the box when it comes to my art.

I'm finding myself wanting to deviate from the 'rules' of the game now. Especially when I have sketched the basic outline of the character, or created a scene in the background. Sometimes the background will change my whole perception of the character, and make me want to change physical aspects of it to suit this perception. Or the shape of the character will force me to place it in a certain type of scene so that the image as a whole makes more sense to me.

I feel that, at the core, idea generators like this are really just basic guides. I'm trying to stop myself from the negative self talk of "this wasn't your idea" when I have finished creating one of these pieces, because in the end, given exactly the same criteria to stick to, every artist would produce something different.

As I was thinking about all of this, I started to wonder what other uses an artist could set some dice to, and came up with some rules for generating an entire scene, not just a singular character. I haven't yet actually used these rules (am still working on another piece) and I might end up changing them a bit here and there based on input from others, but I will post them here anyway.

Of course, I am completely open to feedback about these rules and would love to see the results should anyone put them into practice.

Artists Scene Generator.

Use a 100 sided dice (d100) or the d100 option on an online dice roller like this one.

1- 9 Sunrise
10-19 Strange cloud formations
20-29 Smoky from a fire or a battle
30-39 Contains something floating or flying.
40-49 Night-time
50-59 Sunset
60-69 Normal daylight/midday
70-79 A space type scene, with visible planets, stars etc
80-89 Stormy and/or filled with lightning.
90-100 An odd colour, based on your roll:
90 Green
91 Yellow
92 Orange
93 Purple
94 Pink
95 Red
96 Brown
97 Black
98 Aqua
99 Slate Grey
100 Salmon

1-9 Plains.
10-19 Mountains.
20-29 An Ocean.
30-39 A forest.
40-49 Ruins.
50-59 A City.
60-69 Obscured by fog, rain etc.
70-79 A desert.
80-89 A small village.
90-100 Scene is set indoors. Only sky can be seen through windows.

1-9 A road, path or corridor of some sort.
10-19 A forest or plants of some kind.
20-29 A marketplace or shop. A place where one buys items.
30-39 Indoors scene. Sky and background can be seen through windows.
40-49 Ruins.
50-59 Rocks of all shapes and sizes.
60-69 A city scene.
70-79 Water. A stream, pond, lake, ocean etc.
80-89 A graveyard.
90-100 A village scene.

1-9 Weeds.
10-19 Bonsai.
20-29 One or more sentient plants.
30-39 Flowers.
40-49 No plants at all (This roll negates any forest rolls in background and foreground. Roll these again to generate other rules.)
50-59 One or more carnivorous plants.
60-69 Something overgrown, or growing completely wild.
70-79 One or more gnarled, old trees.
80-89 One or more giant plants of some sort.
90-100 One or more very alien looking plants.

1-9 One or more cute creatures, like bunnies or kittens etc.
10-19 A ghostly creature, or one made of smoke or shadow.
20-29 One or more mythical beasts.
30-39 One or more vicious animals. Maybe attacking or about to attack.
40-49 Insects.
50-59 Birds.
60-69 A beast of burden.
70-79 A giant creature of some sort.
80-89 No animals visible.
90-100 One or more completely normal animals.

1-9 Someone or thing not completely natural.
10-19 A visible magical occurrence.
20-29 Single lone figure.
30-39 One or many figures in an unnatural pose.
40-49 A god or goddess.
50-59 A fight or battle.
60-69 An everyday activity, something mundane.
70-79 Someone or thing out of place
80-89 A historical occurrence.
90-100 A portal.

Other (optional)
1-9 Depict love, friendship or some level of deep care.
10-19 Draw the scene as if the viewer is very, very tiny.
20-29 Make the scene look like it would be noisy.
30-39 Make the image look very, very old. As if in an old book, painted on a wall or old canvas.
40-49 Make the scene look evil.
50-59 Draw the scene as if the viewer is looking down on it.
60-69 Depict joy.
70-79 Bring grief or sadness to the image somehow.
80-89 Make it look like there would be a terrible smell.
90-100 Make the scene look religious or righteous.

Friday, 18 September 2009


Yeppers, here is my latest monster:

A Tarwntrauld of the A'kinald realm of Morin.

These creatures are known as the 'scavengers of the past' to the A'kinald race. They live in ruined buildings and places deserted by the 'civilised' A'kinald, and make use of discarded items and food to survive.

There are stories amongst the A'kinald that Tarwntraulds are actually corrupted and twisted A'kinald. People who did not conform to the Ministriet's will, and therefore were exiled from society - a punishment slightly below death in the minds of the A'kinald. These exiles, driven mad due to their separation from civilization, haunt the old places, desperatly clinging to the hope that one day, people will return and restore them to their rightful standing in the world. According to these stories, this madness often leads a Tarwntrauld to attack and kill unwitting travellers who may stop to spend a night in old buildings. It is said, that after the killing, a Tarwntrauld will skin it's victim, and wear the skin like a suit, in the hope of covering up it's deformities enough so that they may once again walk unhindered amongst the A'kinald.

Although these myths have never been substantiated, the stories bought back to villages and cities by travellers often tell of fearful nights spent in forlorn, uninhabited ruins. Where strange noises and fleeting glimses of shapes in the shadows send chills down even the most hardened warriors spine.

Monday, 14 September 2009

More Monster Madness

Yep, I'm still loving this monster drawing game. Although I have been sick with the flu for the past week and I haven't done as many drawings as I would have liked, I was still able to finish up this one.


Dice rolls:

Body - 100 - Fish; long body, complete with scales, fins and tail.
Head - 69 - Bird-like.
Nose - 66 - Animal snout, like that of a boar, hog or fox.
Eyes - 44 - Small eyes that are an unnatural red, yellow, or black.
Mouth - 34 - Human mouth but twice as large as normal with large, pointed, crooked teeth.
Arms/hands - 66 - Three-fingered claws (and a thumb) with muscular arms. Monkey- like in shape and length.
Legs/feet - 86 - Animal-like; hoves or like bear.
Other Features - 98 - Covered in fur.
Skin - 15 - Redish brown.

A member of the A'kinald race and her hotarbo, a beast of burden.

Hotarbos are used for land and sea travel and also hold their own in battle. Hotarbos are difficult to train and to do so, one must acquire them moments after they hatch from their pupa. The Hotarbo bonds instantly to it's owner and can never be ridden or comanded by anyone else because of this bond.

They are omnivores, but their favourite food is the blue fruit of the Nodocus Tree
....and, I am currently working on a new one. You know, just for kicks :P