Monday, 14 September 2009

More Monster Madness

Yep, I'm still loving this monster drawing game. Although I have been sick with the flu for the past week and I haven't done as many drawings as I would have liked, I was still able to finish up this one.


Dice rolls:

Body - 100 - Fish; long body, complete with scales, fins and tail.
Head - 69 - Bird-like.
Nose - 66 - Animal snout, like that of a boar, hog or fox.
Eyes - 44 - Small eyes that are an unnatural red, yellow, or black.
Mouth - 34 - Human mouth but twice as large as normal with large, pointed, crooked teeth.
Arms/hands - 66 - Three-fingered claws (and a thumb) with muscular arms. Monkey- like in shape and length.
Legs/feet - 86 - Animal-like; hoves or like bear.
Other Features - 98 - Covered in fur.
Skin - 15 - Redish brown.

A member of the A'kinald race and her hotarbo, a beast of burden.

Hotarbos are used for land and sea travel and also hold their own in battle. Hotarbos are difficult to train and to do so, one must acquire them moments after they hatch from their pupa. The Hotarbo bonds instantly to it's owner and can never be ridden or comanded by anyone else because of this bond.

They are omnivores, but their favourite food is the blue fruit of the Nodocus Tree
....and, I am currently working on a new one. You know, just for kicks :P

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