Friday, 18 September 2009


Yeppers, here is my latest monster:

A Tarwntrauld of the A'kinald realm of Morin.

These creatures are known as the 'scavengers of the past' to the A'kinald race. They live in ruined buildings and places deserted by the 'civilised' A'kinald, and make use of discarded items and food to survive.

There are stories amongst the A'kinald that Tarwntraulds are actually corrupted and twisted A'kinald. People who did not conform to the Ministriet's will, and therefore were exiled from society - a punishment slightly below death in the minds of the A'kinald. These exiles, driven mad due to their separation from civilization, haunt the old places, desperatly clinging to the hope that one day, people will return and restore them to their rightful standing in the world. According to these stories, this madness often leads a Tarwntrauld to attack and kill unwitting travellers who may stop to spend a night in old buildings. It is said, that after the killing, a Tarwntrauld will skin it's victim, and wear the skin like a suit, in the hope of covering up it's deformities enough so that they may once again walk unhindered amongst the A'kinald.

Although these myths have never been substantiated, the stories bought back to villages and cities by travellers often tell of fearful nights spent in forlorn, uninhabited ruins. Where strange noises and fleeting glimses of shapes in the shadows send chills down even the most hardened warriors spine.

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  1. I love the castle in the background. <3