Thursday, 4 February 2010

Another Fun Creativity Generator!

Following on from the earlier "dice + rules = art" games I have posted about ('The Monster Drawing Game' and 'The Artists Scene Generator'), I figured I should post this one as well.

After messing about with making 'The Artist Scene Generator', I also toyed with the concept of getting 100 randomly chosen idioms or phrases and using them as the inspiration or main influencing factor when creating an artwork.

Again, all one needs to do is use a D100 dice, or an online equivalent like the one here:

(simply click 'roll' on the line with the two purple dice)

After you have your number between 1 and 100, find the corressponding idiom below and use that as the inspiration for an artwork. The piece in no way has to be a literal translation of the phrase, and your final work might appear to have no relation to the idiom you 'rolled' at all. The point is to use it as a stepping stone into your creativity.

The Idioms:

1. The plot thickens
2. Catch some Z's
3. Baker's dozen
4. Highway robbery
5. Bright as a button
6. Etched in stone
7. Out of nowhere
8. Jump the shark
9. A vicious circle
10. Pandora's Box
11. A little bird told me
12. There's no telling
13. Cheesed off
14. A house divided
15. As sick as a dog
16. The last straw
17. Sneak out
18. Use your loaf
19. Push comes to shove
20. Fit to be tied
21. Freak out
22. In the same boat
23. Keep ones nose clean
24. All ears
25. Stem the tide
26. Things are looking up
27. A world of difference
28. An axe to grind
29. A stalking horse
30. Take it slow
31. Outstay your welcome
32. No love lost
33. Under the weather
34. Wild and woolly
35. Punch-drunk
Bend over backwards
37. Cry wolf
38. Pass the hat around
39. Wall flower
40. Time flies
41. Foot in both camps
42. Open old wounds
43. Wrong foot
44. Go bananas
45. When pigs fly
46. Steal someone's thunder
47. Take it as a sign
48. See stars
49. Feather your own nest
50. Sixth Sense
51. Saved by the bell
52. A marked man
53. Split hairs
54. Smell a rat
55. Take a raincheck
56. Dressed to kill
57. In a nutshell
58. Pull the plug
59. Out on a limb
60. Listen up
61. Up the creek
62. The nuts and bolts
63. Brass monkey
64. Size up
65. Spin a yarn
66. Under a cloud
67. Take my word for it
68. The other side of the tracks
No bones about it
70. Quiet as a mouse
71. Every cloud has a silver lining
72. Long in the tooth
73. Keep your chin up
74. Have your head screwed on right
75. High on the hog
76. Twiddle ones thumbs
77. Push the envelope
78. A gut feeling
79. Go down like a lead balloon
80. In the doghouse
81. Rise and shine
82. Against all odds
83. Something fishy
84. A thirst for knowledge
85. Riding Shotgun
86. Easier said than done
87. Zero Tolerance
88. You can't take it with you
89. The whole nine yards
90. Rule of thumb
91. Pulling ones leg
92. Pass the buck
93. Out of the blue
94. Burning ones bridges
95. An elephant in the room
Method to ones madness
97. Loose cannon
98. Knock on wood
99. From rags to riches
100. No spring chicken 

For example, my first roll was a 19 - 'When push comes to shove' -  and the image I created from that was 'Push back':

Push Back, print print

Give it a try! If you do, I would love to see what you come up with. Leave a comment below with a link!