Saturday, 1 October 2011

New Obsessions Are Old School

So I've always had a crafty bent, as folks would probably know by now, but the last few months this has taken a new turn with the discovery that I love crocheting.


When I started my obsession with yarn crafts a few years back, I was determined to teach myself to knit. I was able to manage the basics - cast on, knit, purl, bind off - which meant I became adept at making flat square or rectangular pieces. This is all well and good, but it gets a bit dull. I made a couple of lovely scarves, and then realised, that was all I could make. Trying to attempt to shape a piece, or add colours etc, usually left me with a big ball of tangled discombobulation. Obviously, this made me feel a bit let down with myself and led to me putting away the needles for a while.

Then I remembered that a friend of mine (The lovely and talented Boogybunny, whose work you can check out here) had sent me a wedding present that included - along with some knitting needles and a great book on knitting - a crochet hook. So I fished it out and consulted youtube for some tutorial videos.

Within a few days I had grasped the first few stitches, and the simple logic of the whole process meant that it was quite easy for me to pick up other, more advanced techniques quite quickly. I started to find myself picking up yarn and hook whenever I found a free moment and soon had a nice little collection of pretty dish-cloths and other assorted items. I was even able to whet my 'Doctor Who' fan-girl whistle with a cute little mini Tardis

L-R: Skippy in her Norwegian House Slippers; Blanket Bag/Bolster Cushion Cover; Mini TARDIS; Black and Purple Handbag.

Most of my designs so far have been freehand works that I made up as I went along, which for me has been an awesome way to learn new techniques without the fear of ruining a pattern, or ending up far from where I should have been. The Norwegian House Slippers, on the other hands, are an old scandinavian design that are super easy and quick to make, and require nothing more than the very simplest single crochet stitch. (Word of advice though, just be sure you measure the intended feet before-hand or you end up with giant floppy things that don't even fit your husbands enormous hooves, and that you later have to stitch up in weird and wonderful ways so that they stop flying off every time he walks through the house. Although admittedly, they now look like they have go-faster racing stripes on them which is pretty cool and shit.)

Now my mind seems to be constantly thinking about what I can crochet next. I'm a bit of a practicalist in that, for me, a piece has to have some other function about the place other than just being pretty. (Except for TARDISes of course. TARDISes always have a use. They are useful at being awesome.) I'm also finding myself enjoying the process of intarsia colour work, and coming up with new and fun little designs. My second attempt at intarsia was actually a little skull that I planned out on some graph paper first. He turned out nice an evil looking, I think you'll agree.

Click here for a simple pattern of this charming fella.

I really want to make a whole bunch of similar squares and stitch them together into a red and black skull bed-spread for our double bed. But then I got distracted with the idea of a TARDIS scarf for winter...

But that's another post for another time.

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