Friday, 11 November 2011

Remembering what this day is.

So over on Facebook and a few other social networking sites I was starting to notice something a little disconcerting. People posting or reposting status updates that were basically along the lines of 'Soldiers fought for this country, if you don't like this country, get out' or 'If my poppy offends you, get the F#@k out of the country'.

This kind of sickens me. That people would use Remembrance Day as a way of furthering intolerance for anyone whose views differ from theirs. Intolerance for people who dislike injustices in political policy or in cultural 'norms' that are just thinly veiled excuses for racism.

Seriously people? Seriously? That's what you are taking from Remembrance Day? I think the thing that really disgusts me the most about people spouting this shit is that the people doing it are the people least likely to stand up and make the kind of sacrifices that war veterans made for their country. Or even have the kind of courage it takes to be one of those people that go against the norms to speak out against injustice - the people that they 'want out of the country'.

That's not what our forefathers fought for. In fact, they fought against intolerance and racism. So people who use Remembrance Day as a means of being overly 'nationalistic' (read: rascist), not only make themselves look like narrow-minded bigots, but they are basically spitting in the face of those who actually did fight in wars for their freedoms.

Anyway. I made a status update about this yesterday, and made this image below as a kind of catharsis.

Lest we forget.....