Tuesday, 17 January 2012

International Rivalry in the Home: Big Rocks Edition.

My husband just emailed me from work telling me that, tomorrow when he drives across the country to deliver some important archaeology thing-a-me-bobs, he will be passing by Denmark's largest rock: Hvissingestenen.

He then proceded to big it up a bit, and boldly claimed that it would, and I quote, "make Uluru it's bitch".

'Ooh' I thought, 'that sounds impressive. Why haven't we visited that before?'

I then scrolled down to see that he had linked me to the Danish wiki page for Hvissingestenen.

Big mistake.

Lets see Hvissingestenen shall we?

And now Uluru:

Now lets have a look at some of the differences here.

First, you can take a picture of ALL of Hvissingestenen from a few meters away on the ground. The picture of Uluru above was taken from a helicopter from several kilometres away and it still doesn't quite capture it all.

Next, tree size comparison. See those tall green things towering OVER Hvissingestenen? Those are trees. Now see the masses of tiny green dots around the base of Uluru? Those are trees. Things are becoming clearer, yes?

And finally, I think one of the main things that needs to be noted here is the fact that Uluru DOES NOT NEED FENCE PALINGS TO HOLD IT UP.

I rest my case.


  1. THEYRE NOT FENCE PALINGS THEYRE EPIC GIANT WORLD TREES! And theyre just resting against the mighty flank of the giant rock. Maybe supporting a little, but only because its so enormous! And of course Hvissingestenen, which is much bigger than Uluru, is only the biggest rock on Sjælland, the biggest rock in Denmark is even bigger! Its Damestenen, and its so big it dwarfs even Hvissingestenen which, as we´ve established, dwarfs Uluru. Uluru is to Damestenen what an ant-baby is to a giant planet.


    Anonymous reader who fully agrees with your wise husband

    1. Hmmm this annonymous reader seems to have a very similar writing style to my husband. I wonder who they might be......