Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fodio. Delineo. Ludo. Amo. Our new family crest.

The upcoming spoonflower competition asked designers to create a family crest. I had so much fun doing this it's hard to describe. My husband had a fair bit of input too, because in the end it's all about him too!

My husband is Danish, so to represent him, there is the Stag and the Viking helmet. I'm Australian and so I have the Koala and the flip-flops. We met on the internet so I have included two linked computers, and we both share a love of gaming and reading - represented by the gaming dice and books. In the centre, a shovel, to signify my husband's job as an Archaeologist, and a paint brush for my job as an Artist. Our motto, written out in Latin, has therefore become: "Dig. Draw. Play. Love." (At least that's what I think it says. I translated the verbs from our Latin/English dictionary, so fingers crossed it doesn't actually say something like "Poop. Bottoms. Daffodil. Merkin".)