Saturday, 23 March 2013

Fun With Baby Photos

Our son Erik just hit the four month mark recently. What better way to celebrate than by taking some time out to create some fun pictures for him to look at later in life.

I got this idea from Adele Enersen who originally started doing stuff like this with her children, Mila and Vincent. Check out her site it's awesome :)

Erik, The (Viking) Spaceman.

Because, as his archaeologist Dad knows, this is what really happens in the field.

Erik Rocks Out.

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lessons in Danish culture for Non-Danish friends #1

Did you know that in Denmark it is very common for folks to leave their babies in prams outside of shops and caf├ęs when they go in to shop or eat. Most of the time the parents have little baby monitors to keep an ear on them, but the sight of many little ones lined up outside in the streets is still a little disconcerting to me, even after being exposed to it for 5 years.

Also, it is a Health Ministry recommendation that you put even the youngest babies outside in the cold air in winter so that they get fresh air. Again, the sight of prams out in the snow, with no one around watching them does my head in, and is really not something I'm comfortable doing. I have, however, come to agree that the cold brisk air is absolutely awesome for helping baby to have a good long daytime nap, so our fella gets wrapped up in warm clothes and blankets and put in his pram bed insert next to a wide open window in the kitchen. Gets down to freezing in there sometimes, but he's usually out like a light within a couple of minutes and sleeps for a good few hours. It's bliss.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Gaming: Star Fluxx

After watching the Star Fluxx episode of the Geek and Sundry's 'TableTop' with Wil Wheaton, the husband bought me a copy of the game for my birthday. We're loving it! Although my husband keeps winning with sudden moves of sheer tactical brilliance.

I'm letting him win, I swear!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Owl statue in a local window

Owl statue in a local window

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